Osthang Gets a Park! EKORRPARKEN aka "squirrel park"

This winter we'll be adding yet another park to Ramundberget Snowparks - Ekorrparken! Translating as "Squirrel Park," this new play area will feature 100% natural snow and bring our total number of parks up to five.

A new park is going to be built in Osthang, located in East Ramunderget. Translating as "Squirrel Park," Ekorrparken will be our first park featuring only natural snow. A sidehit, a corner and a roller are all planned on the Ekorrpasset run, and will be finished off with an easier rail and box further down towards Osthang. 

"During winter we have lots of untouched and inviting snow both on and off our pistes," says Olle Olsson, who's in charge of Ramundberget Snowparks. "We're one of Sweden's safest bets for natural snow, and feel super excited about creating more opportunities for playful riding on our mountain with this park!" 

The idea for Ekorrparken came from Rickard Bergstedt, who manages Topsport Osthang. This is the only snowboarding store in Funäsfjällen, but also sells skiing equipment, clothes and accessories. Don't forget to visit the café!  

"With this new park, Osthang can really offer a varied and complete area for all types of skiing and snowboarding," he says. "It's something we've been planning and looking forward to for years, so we're really excited that it's finally happening this winter."